RB's Denmark Collection

I recently decided to start a Denmark collection. I have collected Spanish stamps for many years, but recently my collection has stagnated, so I made a change. Unlike my Spanish collection, this Denmark project will be a basic collection on homemade pages. My basic goal is to collect a used and unused copies of everything that I can. Naturally there will be exceptions as some stamps, I'm sure, will be beyond my means. Along the way I plan on making pages for cancels, varieties and covers.

Here I will post links to the pages I have made. Some will only have a few stamps on them. I won't bother scanning pages unless there is at least 2 stamps mounted on it. This is a collection starting from the beginning and you will be able to see it grow as I acquire material and post it here.

 Latest updates

11/25/01 - Started adding some forgery images to the 1851 portion of the forgery watch page. No text yet.